LESSON 1: Business Essentials

What’s that mean for you?

  • The scoop on Taxes for your Business, and the strategy we use to reduce stress (and taxes) each year. No finance jargon here! I’m a freelancer just like you, and make it easy to follow along so your eyes don’t glaze over.

  • A peek at my exact Bookkeeping Method that organizes your business, and has your accountant giving high fives each quarter.

  • How to Protect your Business Legally, so you never feel nervous over sending a client contract again.

  • My 360-degree overview of Choosing Between a DBA and an LLC for your business, and how to go about setting up your business legitimately.

Lesson 2: Working with Clients

What’s that mean for you?

  • My Getting Clients techniques and cheatsheet, so you don’t make the mistakes that most designers think they have to make to go full-time (hint: you can do it without a blog!)

  • One-Logo Client Presentation Guide, giving you an outline for how to prep and deliver one beautiful design to your client, and rest assured knowing it’s exactly what they were looking for.

  • What you need to consider to guarantee a stellar experience in Client On-boarding — and the client process mistakes that most designers make.

  • My answers to common Client Sticky Situations — never feel “stuck” again on how to respond when a client goes out of scope, doesn’t like your designs, or has less-than-ideal feedback!

  • My framework for The Complete Client Process, so you can start turning your inquiries into raving fans that refer you to others because you served them with a fantastic brand journey.

Artboard 1.jpg

Lesson 3: Pricing

What’s that mean for you?

  • The scoop on Hourly Pricing, and the complications that may come up with pricing this way — and how to prevent them.

  • A guide to Flat-rate Pricing, so you can decide if this is how you want to go all-in on your freelance business.

  • Value-based Pricing 101 — discover exactly what your clients are looking for (and is willing to pay for), so that you never have to waste time and energy snooping on others’ pricing structures again.

  • The skinny on Trading Services, to give you the run-down on growing your business alongside other creatives through trading … and why I discourage it for freelance designers.

  • Guide to Retainer Clients, so once you’ve nailed some client work, you can trim down your marketing efforts with clients that keep coming back to you.

  • How to Raise your Rates with success… actually earning your more clients, and finally pricing at your value.

  • My secret to getting Repeat Clients — so you can get your existing clients to come back for your design services over and over again.

  • My transparent walk-through of Pricing a Quote for a potential client — actual pricing, research and messages sent to a client… in real time.


LESSON 4: Client Case Study

What’s that mean for you?

  • An Actual Client Audio Recording of presenting the first proof of the one logo solution, so you can hear how we pitch our designs to clients. Get ready to swipe our script, to pitch with success in your next presentation.

  • A client Brand Discovery proof, giving you a detailed look into how we prep our clients before pitching our winning one logo solution. (and yes — you’ll have our exact ready-made template at your fingertips!)

  • The exact Presentation Proof we sent our client — it’s your behind-the-curtain peek into how we often get zero revisions from the first proof!

  • Our Response to Client Feedback, so you can direct your client to a winning design (even if their feedback isn’t ideal). Yes, you can tactfully say no and I’ll show you my word-for-word reply, ‘cause I’m a people-pleaser, too!

Lesson 5: Growing your team

What’s that mean for you?

  • My step-by-step Process to Hiring + Managing a Team, so you can scale your business with ease. It’s your ticket to working less, while growing your business!

  • The Recruiting your A-team Guide, to give you confidence with your first hire… that has you jumping for joy each proof they send your way! Yes, please :).

  • The scoop on Taxes + Legal for your new business model, so once you’ve hired your first all-star, you can rest assured knowing Uncle Sam is a-ok with your biz.

  • The framework for Structuring your Team — the exact method I use in my own business to guarantee happy designers and clients that keep coming back for more… because we’ve got a team model nailed to a T.

Lesson 6: Design tutorials

What does that mean for you?

  • Logo Design, my step-by-step way to discover exactly what clients want (and guide them through a branding process they’re happy to pay for).

  • My exact 6-step Design Process, the very gameplan I use in my own business to guarantee each client gets an elevated experience … and that my team’s not crying into our coffee mugs in stress-mode, because we’ve got a project management system that works.

  • A Step-by-Step Logo Case Study, so you can see how I take a messy Illustrator artboard full of concepts, narrow it to one, finalize the logo in Illustrator, and save the files appropriately for the client -- it’s your behind-the-curtain ticket to my design process!

  • How to Illustrate Icons in Adobe, so you can peek over my shoulder and watch the step-by-step, nitty-gritty way I build out icons, and add them to your own design packages (plus, learn Ai short-cuts you didn’t know existed!).

  • The Pattern Design walkthrough, giving you a detailed action plan for always creating custom, gorgeous patterns for your clients in Adobe Illustrator … plus the how and why of working beyond the built-in Illustrator pattern tool, so you’re given FULL control over the pattern (um, yes please!).

Lesson 7: templates and resources

What does that mean for you?

  • Our Automated Client Timeline Template, so once you’ve booked that ideal client you won’t waste time again pulling together a schedule or stressing about your client meeting deadlines. (one click, and you’re set!)

  • The Winning Proposal Template that showcases your studio in its best light, securing you high-end clients (yes, please!).

  • The Client Questionnaire and Discovery Template — Look into the exact research our team digs for. It’s your guide for rave-worthy design that has your client jumping for joy!

  • My done-for-you Brand Presentation and Brand Guideline templates, that guide you through delivering logo designs to your clients with success!

  • Our Best Resources Guide, the top selection of printers, project management apps, services, books and design resources at your fingertips! We’ve done the curating, so that you never have to waste time researching again.

You’ll also get instant access to:

  • 100 pages of actionable insight in your course workbook

  • 46 video training modules

  • Access to our private Slack group with the mastermind course level, to make sure you’re supported every step of the way

  • Weekly office hours with the mastermind course level

  • 6 done-for-you design templates

  • A friend in the freelance biz… we’re friends now, right?!