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hey there, freelancer

You’ve got visions of full-time freelancer in your head… but could use a swipeable strategy that lets you focus on what matters most: you, your brand, and your work.


‘Cause right now, you’ve got limited time: you need to be able to answer those ideal client inquiries without reinventing the wheel every day.

You totally understand that a tight client process is something you’ve gotta master as a profitable small business owner. But somedays, it seems like all the good freelancers keep it to themselves — and you’ve clocked (aka wasted) HOURS reading blog posts.

So you’re clicking through someone else’s website trying to figure out their process & heating up your lonely, cold cup of coffee — again: Why is figuring out an inspired, elevated freelancer biz oh-so hard somedays!?


What if it you could sneak a peek over the shoulder of a professional freelancer while she works?

Imagine learning the exact process to be able to send a client just one design — AND have it approved — so there’s no more rolling your eyes when they pick the very one you *knew* they’d pick (after you spent HOURS creating the back-ups).

You’d be able to guide those dreamboat clients through an unforgettable (literally — you wouldn’t be forgetting steps anymore!), rave-worthy experience.

And forget scouring Pinterest for Illustrator shortcuts — you’ve got a ready-set-installed list of Ai hacks at your freelancer fingertips.


I’m Jamie of Spruce Rd., and I took my skills to full-time freelancer — and I haven’t looked back yet.

Now? I want to draw back the curtain on my systems, so you can be the best boss you’ve ever had, too!

The Share-worthy Design Course was created to show you the exact process for how I made freelance life happen.

SWD is an 8-week course that gives you a peek into design short-cuts and client processes, so you can go full-time on those freelance dreams — creating designs that get you shared (and hired!).

During our time together, I’ll guide you through Design Fundamentals, Client On-boarding, Pricing Roadmaps, Streamlined Responses, and Adobe Illustration How-to’s so you can quit dreaming of a more efficient, profitable freelance business… and actually make it HAPPEN.



Are you ready to be confident in a strong design process you can fall back on? Throw those type-loving, creative hands of yours in the air: Let’s get you to freelance freedom, friend!